Need rehabilitation? We can help.

Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic helps all sorts of patients with rehabilitation, from sports injuries, auto accidents, work incidents, and more. A chiropractor is not a physical therapist, but can offer an effective alternative to traditional physical therapy.

There is no better chiropractic center in Denver for precise, gentle chiropractic treatment to get you back to your best self and into the real world.

Dr. Ty Carzoli, who owns and operates this chiropractic clinic, has years of experience treating the whole spine. However, he specializes in the upper cervical spine because he has witnessed firsthand the astonishing success that upper cervical chiropractic services has had with his patients.

If you need conservative, non-invasive, evidence-based rehabilitation, visit Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic as soon as possible.

DUCC Rehabilitation Services

What to expect from our rehabilitation chiropractic?

When you first come into our chiropractic office, you can expect:

  • Initial consultation
  • In-house 3-D digital X-ray analysis
  • Physical exam
  • Cognitive exam

We use this initial visit to assess how to best treat you as an individual. Your personalized treatment plan helps get you the best results.

High-quality chiropractic care isn’t just for lower back pain, neck pain, leg pain, sciatica, etc. Our chiropractic team is devoted to pain management as well as your overall health and wellness.

You will see your progress.

Your progress is never hidden from you.

Those exams we took on the initial visit? We’ll take them again on your second visit, then on your final visit. For some patients, we may administer even more exams.

This way, we can show you your progress with precise diagnostics and sophisticated 3-D imaging. You don’t have to take our word for it.

When you see your progress, your rehabilitation process can go more smoothly. Just seeing your progress in this demonstrable way will give you back the confidence you may have lost along the way.

Visit us at Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Doctor of Chiropractic Ty Carzoli is the best chiropractor in Denver for rehabilitation and so much more — utilizing chiropractic adjustments, precise patient diagnostics, and individualized treatment plans.

Whether you experienced a work or car accident, a sports injury, or just chronic pain, visit us at Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic for scientifically supported chiropractic care.

Dr. Ty and Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic saved my life and fixed my neck and back pain.
Zach Suvalsky
Satisfied Patient