About Us

Gentle, Research-based Care

Dr. Ty Carzoli has made scientifically proven treatment the focus of his new chiropractic care center. Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic is passionate about working with Denver community members of every age. We have a reputation for excellence in delivering ultra-gentle adjustments with unwavering attention to detail.

We’re proud to provide the best in technologically advanced treatment methods that produce consistent and reliable results for our practice members.

Our Practice Philosophy

We want to achieve and maintain spinal correction for each practice member with the fewest number of adjustments possible over the course of a lifetime. We achieve this long term maintenance not by calling for a high volume of office visits, but by focusing intensely on specificity in analysis and adjustment delivery. We like to remind our practice members: the best surgeon isn’t the one making the most incisions.

We believe that less is more. Our specific diagnostic analysis through sophisticated digital 3-D imaging removes all guesswork and eliminates the burden of unnecessary care. The treatment protocols used in the office are conservative and finely tuned to meet the unique requirements of every practice member.

Our Practice Difference

  • Dr. Carzoli is the only orthospinology chiropractor in the state of Colorado. Orthospinology is a sub-specialty of the chiropractic profession that involves precise alignment of the upper cervical spine. This research-based technique attracts those wishing to eliminate their pain and optimize their wellness, without the inconvenience of extensive treatment schedules.
  • Our office is one of only three clinics in the Denver area that features precise upper cervical treatment practices. Ongoing research clearly demonstrates the profound negative effects of misalignment in this spinal region, and its tendency to disrupt nervous system function.
  • For diagnostic accuracy, Dr. Carzoli features in-house digital 3-D imaging services to pinpoint the exact source of your problem. This advanced X-ray assessment is painless, noninvasive and helps to assure positive treatment outcomes.
  • Gentle treatment is the consistent norm in Dr. Carzoli’s office. He uses a sophisticated instrument-based technique that requires no twisting, cracking or popping of the spine. Individuals feel a sense of relaxation during the adjustment and look forward to their visits.

The professional, compassionate treatment at our convenient location is supportive and patient-centered. Your well-being is our primary focus.