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5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I was suffering from really bad headaches that effected my day to day activities and even my sleep. After a few visits, not only did my headaches go away, but I was able to sleep so much better.
Carla S.
Thank you for being such a knowledgeable and professional chiropractor. You go above and beyond to help your patients and it is clear you do it because you believe in what you are doing and you care.
– Melissa K.
I was very impressed with Dr Carzoli’s competence and patient consideration. I would highly recommend him.
– Millie M.
Thank you so much for getting me in quickly when I was in so much pain. The education and thorough evaluation I received on my first visit was incredible. I feel so grateful to have found you when I did!
– Connie C.

Siara S.

Jessie R.

Sarah E.

Nancy R.

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Paul L.

Eric S.

Amy S.

Katie H.

10 More Reasons to Visit Denver
Upper Cervical Chiropractic

As an Army Officer with 19 years on Active Duty, my body has taken a beating. I waited too long to get care for chronic shoulder/arm pain, but Dr. Ty and Zyle did their absolute best to schedule my visit immediately after I called. Look no further if you need an upper cervical adjustment. I have several chiropractors in my family; they recommended Dr. Ty for the Denver area. I live in Fort Collins, and I drive past a hundred other chiropractors to see Dr. Ty. – J Tule

Denver Upper Cervical offers a truly life augmenting experience based in innovative, progressive and practical science. Dr Ty Carzoli’s expertise is quite evident and clear while also being so warm, friendly and personal. Almost every time I’m in the office he and I spend just as much if not more time chatting and catching up as we do on treatment. His methods have not only saved my brother from post concussion issues, optimized both his and my own health in an innumerable amount of ways. I get treated every three weeks or so and feel sharp, clear, fresh and healthy as a result. Being a regular at Denver Upper Cervical is an advantageous move! – Cole C.

My experience at Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic has been nothing short of life-changing. First off, they are the kindest and most compassionate people I have maybe ever met. Beyond that, the care I’ve received has changed my day-to-day life for the better in so many ways. The main reason I started going there, was due to chronic dizzy spells and vertigo. These spells were atypical as they mainly occurred when I was lying down or sleeping. It felt debilitating and kept me in a chronic state of exhaustion and fear.

I had tried lots of other solutions (including regular chiropractic care) and nothing made a significant improvement until I started getting care here. While that change has been significant, I have also seen a lot of other changes: better sleep, less pain in general, and my digestion (which I have ALWAYS struggled with) has vastly improved. I should mention also that I’ve only been going here for a little over two months. If you’re on the fence, I highly recommend scheduling your initial consultation – you won’t regret it! – Desiree Keen

I cannot say enough about Dr. Ty and Zyle. I found Dr. Ty after having a long standing relationship with another upper cervical chiropractor. After a few years with the previous chiro, I was still experiencing neck pain and facial numbing. Dr. Ty’s approach was a breath of fresh air. Looking at the person from a holistic standpoint while having post-care x-rays were proof positive we were headed in the right direction. It’s been seven months and I’m feeling better than I have in years. – Karen Dana

I was hesitant to try a new Chiropractor but desperate to find relief. I am so glad I listened to the reviews and my gut and came here! Zyle has been amazing setting up my appointments, remembering me and really treating me like part of their chiropractic family! My treatment has been amazing so far. I have had far less panic attacks (almost zero) and been sleeping better. Anytime I feel off or out of whack I am tended to. It is not one size fits all and you get what you pay for. This care is worth every dime I have paid. It is even reasonable compared to other chiropractors who can charge double or triple for less tailored care. I have a rare misalignment and finding relief has been the best thing in the world! Thank you Dr. Ty and Zyle! I am so happy to be in your care. – Jenn Scott

Dr. TY C. helped my husband in so many ways after he had a TBI and post concussion syndrome from a career ending sports injury. He knows what he is talking about and he definitely knows what he is doing. It’s just so refreshing to find somebody that loves what they do. He helped my husband so much that I went to him for help with some issues as well. It’s always enjoyable going to the office. Zyle at the front desk is kind and very helpful and I love chatting with her. They treat you so well at this office. Thank you both! – Emily Meyers

I was introduced to DUCC through my wife, who was a client and had been speaking highly of both the service and of Dr. Carzoli as a person. I had never been to a chiropractor and tended to believe the reputation that they were “pseudo-science.” I visited DUCC however with an open mind, and indeed my mind was changed. Office is small but very clean and well-kept. Dr. Carzoli instantly made me feel comfortable and welcome, and my impression was that he was very friendly/personable, authentic (not at all salesy), and most importantly, that he was highly knowledgeable of the body generally and of the spine in particular.

I was impressed and interested in the knowledge he conveyed (he was explaining things as he did them, and there is just that sense when you know someone is highly competent in their field). I appreciated Dr. Carzoli’s insistence on measurement and metrics, which were compared over subsequent visits so we could quantitatively assess change and progression. I went to 5-6 visits over the course of six months and benefited from notable improvement in spinal and hip alignment. I’ll very likely return as a client in the future and would strongly recommend DUCC to anyone. – Erik Voorhees

Overall, I didn’t necessarily feel that I had any particular issues other than a prior shoulder injury that slightly bothered me when I exercised with a heavy set of weights. I felt fairly energetic due to the typical routine of exercise and eating a well balanced healthy diet. The idea for my treatment was to be more proactive about my long term health and ensure that I was in proper alignment.

After my initial consultation, I found out my body was out of alignment more than I felt. I did not feel much different after the first few adjustments; however, what I did not realize until a few weeks in is that I had been waking up prior to treatment with kind of a groggy kind of feeling. After years of waking up like this I assumed this was just the norm. I now have been waking up with little fatigue and grogginess (even with a 10 month old baby) and a new burst of revitalization even if I did not get a full 8 hours of sleep. The feeling of being excited the day before a trip has been occurring on the standard day getting up for work. My workouts have also seen an improvement with the new improved energy levels as well as the standard weight I typically lift went up with little efforts.

Dr. Ty is extremely knowledgeable about what he does and would not think about using anyone else for my care. I love walking into the awesome environment that Dr. Ty has established and the overall care that comes from the visits. Dr. Ty and his fantastic staff has an amazing energy that I very much look forward to when visiting the office!

Even if you think that you have a good alignment, you should be sure to visit Dr. Ty for a great proactive health care plan! – Derek Greer

If I could give 10 stars I would. Dr. Ty and Zyle have been a God send! April 22nd, 2021 was a life changing day and I didn’t ever think my life would ever be worth living anymore. In a 6 months time frame I had 9 ER visits and 3 hospitalizations. Every single specialist and physician I have seen has been stumped, just did not care or told me it was all in my head and it was just anxiety. Every doctor offered benzodiazepines and pharmaceuticals and would refer me to a different specialist. To date I have seen 6 specialists and had an appointment scheduled with Mayo Clinic until I found Dr. Ty. Over $300,000 has been spent between myself and insurance and I still had no answers.

Dr. Ty changed all of that and gave me hope that I could have a productive life again. I live in Texas and he was so accommodating and when I called and spoke with Zyle and gave her an account of what was going on she said she would speak with Dr. Ty. That afternoon he personally called me and spoke with me for almost 30 minutes. I have nursed for 28 years and I have never seen a doctor do this for a patient. He is extremely compassionate, comprehensive, knowledgeable and truly cares about your health and well being.

My first consultation was by far the most time that has ever been spent with me and he listened to every question and concern that I had and never made me feel rushed. Since that time we have identified the problem and have a comprehensive treatment plan for the future. Zyle is pure sunshine and joy and I love seeing her when I walk through the door. She makes you feel like she has been your friend forever.

Thankful doesn’t even explain what I feel and I thank God daily for guiding me to Dr. Ty. – Monica May

I had been struggling with constant neck pain and a myriad of headaches for years, which made day to day living a challenge. Waking up was hard, focusing on tasks was hard, my moods and ability to stay inside of a balanced lifestyle was so difficult that therapy was my go to. I felt like I was always complaining about how I felt on this rollercoaster so I kept a lot inside. I finally had a chiropractor from The Joint suggest I find an upper cervical specialist. Talk about lucky.

There aren’t a lot of these types of specialists but we have one here in Denver! The first day, I understood what was happening in my body because of the x-rays, which helped dissipate all of the made up stories in my head. The first adjustment got rid of my headaches. The desperate and paranoid self couldn’t believe it and I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it didn’t. I felt good again and again and noticed the old self drifting away. Pain is such a mind f@ck. I feel normal. I can do things without fear. I’m swimming again and walking and I have energy. I even traveled long distances by plane without pain, walked all day as a tourist without pain and slept fine without pain.

This approach is not a band-aid. It’s smart and does all the right things starting with x-rays. Dr. Ty teaches you more, in your consultation, than you’ve probably ever learned about your spine in a lifetime. Zyle and Dr. Ty are an incredible team, always in sync and giving you the care and knowledge you hope for. They work with you on your payments and your schedule and make everything super easy. And they are joyful humans!

This is the complete package; knowledge, communication, understanding and healing. I just finished my first round of healing, we took x-rays to see my improvement and we stood there with our mouths gaping open and high-fived. I am physically a different person with 95% improvement which means I’m going to continuously get better. Thank you Dr. Ty for bringing your expertise to the planet. More people need to see you! – Kerry Pastine

Patient Reviews
Say It All

Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic delivers results when conventional doctors say it’s impossible.

David FordDavid Ford
22:43 27 Mar 24
Hands down, the best chiropractic treatment I’ve ever experienced. Dr. Ty is in a league of his own…..literally. I’ve recently moved to another state and there isn’t a single chiropractor in my state that uses his techniques and skills. For almost 30 years I’ve suffered with numbness in my left hand, extreme tenderness in my neck and traps, dizziness, balance issues, neurological tremors in my right hand and I couldn’t sleep for more than six hours without waking and feeling exhausted and foggy. After a short three months, I’m symptom free, and I feel ten years younger! I look forward to continued healing and improved health. I trust Dr. Ty so much that I frequently drive 13 hours to get maintenance adjustments. Also, a big hug and thank you to Zyle. The best office manager in healthcare. She made me feel welcome from the initial intake phone call and thereafter has treated me like a dear friend. Thank you Dr. Ty and Zyle for investing in my health!
Jake AntonJake Anton
22:22 20 Mar 24
Seemingly seeing some results with these guys working on my post concussion syndrome. Certainly more than I can say about other treatment pathways I've pursued. Highly recommend reaching out to anyone considering it. Nice people nice place & it feels good getting adjusted 👍
Becca DawsonBecca Dawson
23:57 21 Dec 23
Ty and Zyle are so sweet and so nice. The service is amazing, my neck and back feel so much better! They also have lifting sessions to help make sure you're lifting properly and safely and that's really helped my powerlifting workouts! I reccomend them to anyone I talk to that is looking for a chiropractor or is having neck issues.
20:58 07 Nov 23
Dr. Ty and Zyle are fantastic! Zyle is so kind and accommodating. Dr. Ty took the time to hear about my injuries and complete a full evaluation. He explained his approach and next steps in an easy, understandable way. The adjustments are gentle and I love using the relaxation room at the end of appointments. I've noticed great improvements since coming to Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Thank you Dr. Ty and Zyle!
Amanda DeanAmanda Dean
16:31 04 Nov 23
Long term drug free pain reliefDr. Ty and Zyle helped me through one of the most difficult periods of my life. I've struggled with upper back pain, tension headaches, ocular migraines and visual snow syndrome for most of my life. I had recently broken up with my ex and left a bad situation. From the first day I met Dr. Ty and Zyle, they were welcoming, empathetic and made me feel like we were already friends. They provide whole body care. They made sure I was regularly socializing and doing activities outside of my house. Dr. Ty works one on one with you to develop a customized care plan and explained pricing clearly. They cured my back pain. I do choose to go back every 2 months for "maintenance" adjustments.
Morisson ButlerMorisson Butler
22:20 01 Nov 23
This facility is AWESOME!!!! Great people, great vibe, amazing resistance program!!!! I am a 50 plus Jiu Jitsu black belt and Ty is the BEST 🙂 They LIVE what they prescribe. DUCC is my go to recommendation for my athletes 15 to 60.
Diane MillerDiane Miller
17:28 16 Oct 23
Been struggling with a lot of pain for about 6 years. It all started from a crossfit injury that happened 6 years ago and a very minor whiplash accident that happened 15 years ago. I’ve had headaches, pain from my left side of my face, neck and jaw down to my shoulder, scapula and lower back. 8 months ago, I started feeling dizzy, off balanced, felt like I was on a boat 90% of the time, my right ear started ringing, my head felt so heavy that I couldn’t sit for more than 10 mins. Doctors thought it was vertigo, but it wasn’t. Went to see an ENT doctor but didn’t find anything. Tried physical therapy, dry needling, acupuncture, massage therapy but showed no improvement. Before I found Dr. Ty, I went to a regular chiropractor, spent thousands of dollars, did 25 adjustments that include cracking, popping and twisting of the neck, ouch!! 10 trigger point lidocaine injections combined with physical therapy and stretching exercises but it did nothing for me and just made my condition and pain even worse. It was a nightmare! All they found from the xray was spinal degeneration on my C4 and C5. They couldn’t figure out why the adjustments were not working for me and even suggested to get bloodwork done, thinking maybe I have some parasite in my body that’s causing all of my symptoms.That made me realize they had no idea what they were doing and led me to DUCC. Called DUCC and talked to Zyle, the office manager. She was so helpful, patient and friendly. I was so impressed how well she explained the consultation and evaluation process and what exactly they do. She made me feel at ease and really took the time to answer all the questions I had.I have been seeing Dr. Ty for almost 5 months now, I’ve had 18 gentle and pain free adjustments and I feel 80% better. Dr. Ty used a digital 3-D xray that shows all the different angles and was able to find that my atlas was misaligned and that’s what’s causing all my symptoms and pain. Now, I have my life back. I’m lifting weights, running, using the stairmaster and riding my Peloton bike again! I’m able to sit for a few hours at a time to have dinner or watch a movie. It’s amazing how the little things we take for granted feel so amazing to have back. No cracking, twisting or popping of the neck or dry needling or trigger point injections can help! All I needed was Dr. Ty and his hollistic approach on spine care. Dr. Ty’s philosophy is “I’d rather have you healed and out there telling people about us than in here getting treatments” And that’s exactly what’s happening right now. I am healed and writing this review so I can help other people heal and feel their very best. Honestly, a five star rating is not enough for the care, service and knowledge that Dr. Ty has given me. Dr. Ty deserves 10 stars!!
Goldie RamirezGoldie Ramirez
19:52 03 Oct 23
Dr. Ty Carzoli & Zyle lee are some of the best people I've ever met. I recommend this practice to anyone in search of a trustworthy and honest practice. You will get the best care, and service and come out feeling better and stronger with time. I wouldn't be in the physical state i'm in now if it weren't for Dr, Ty Carzoli. I use to suffer from constant neck pain and horrible migraines due to a motorcycle accident until I started going to Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic. I promise you wont regret it. I've Been a patient for two years now and I've never been disappointed. Thank you Dr. Ty Carzoli & Zyle lee!!!
J TuleJ Tule
03:58 11 Mar 22
As an Army Officer with 19 years on Active Duty, my body has taken a beating. I waited too long to get care for chronic shoulder/arm pain, but Dr Ty and Zyle did their absolute best to schedule my visit immediately after I called. Look no further if you need an upper cervical adjustment. I have several chiropractors in my family; they recommended Dr Ty for the Denver area. I live in Fort Collins, and I drive past a hundred other chiropractors to see Dr Ty.
Rach ScribRach Scrib
03:15 15 Feb 22
I’ve had a great experience at Denver Upper Cervical. Dr. Ty is extremely knowledgeable and I’ve especially appreciated his expertise dealing with upper cervical instability. I’ve been to many chiropractors before finding Dr. Ty but I’ve really benefited from the gentler and more precise adjustments he does. I would highly recommend!
Scott DeLeeuwScott DeLeeuw
20:39 10 Feb 22
Dr. Ty is a master of his craft and very good at what he does. He's passionate and caring and fully believes in the power of technology to guide treatment. Zyle is awesome as well, very personable and entertaining. I highly recommend Denver Upper Cervical for anyone experiencing neck or back issues.
Tara CatonTara Caton
15:56 07 Oct 21
It's hard to find doctors who genuinely care about the people they are helping but both Ty and Zyle are very welcoming and make you feel cared for.
23:03 18 May 21
This is a wonderful and impressive practice! Dr. Ty made me feel comfortable and well-informed. I knew this was the right choice for my treatment, and knew that I wanted to move forward during my first visit. Dr. Ty has a great, holistic approach, while relating everything back to your main concern. The relaxation room is an amazing feature of the treatment process because it puts me in a positive state of mind. I'm really happy to have this facility close to home. Thank you!