Orthospinology Management & Consulting Services

Management and consultant services focus on the critical issues and opportunities that are accompanied with learning and implementing the Orthospinology procedure; x-ray assessment and alignment, Orthospinology software analysis, advanced case integration patient and doctor procedures.

  1. X-ray Alignment:
    A full assessment of x-ray alignment will be completed. The x-ray is essential to the Orthospinology procedure and is a non-negotiable. Any variations of the x-ray alignment can skew the analysis leading to false listings, less than adequate corrections, and underwhelming results.
  2. X-ray Procedures:
    Once the x-ray has been confirmed to be in proper alignment, patient placement and the quality and execution of the x-ray itself becomes critical.
  3. Orthospinolgy X-ray Analysis:
    Proper x-ray analysis will lead to optimal corrections in practice. A thorough assessment of previous films will be administered, and any flaws will be exposed.
  4. Patient Placement:
    After the x-ray portion, patient placement becomes the next important component. 80% of the corrections success can be attributed to the patient’s placement.
  5. Instrument Adjusting:
    A combination of instrument selection (Laney Torque & Hand-Held) and stylus importance will be reviewed. It is important to know specific misalignments call for specific adjusting techniques. We will review the common misalignments and how each misalignment may require a unique approach to achieve optimal corrections.
  6. Patient and Doctor Procedures:
    Both the patient and doctor flow will be assessed. It is important to acknowledge specific breakthroughs in care with the patient.
  7. Advanced Case Integration:
    Difficult cases are highly encouraged for the time involved.

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