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Ophthalmodynia Periodica (Ice Pick Headache): Symptoms & Treatment

Ophthalmodynia periodica, also known as ice pick headache, is a type of sudden onset headache with severe head pain that affects millions of people every year. Ice pick headaches can be confused with other headaches, so it is important to learn the differences. Although 40% of ice pick headaches patients also suffer from migraines, they […]

7 Long-Term Effects of Concussions, TBI & Head Injury

What is a concussion? A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury. This can occur after head trauma and can result in brain damage or an altered mental state. Post-concussion syndrome is a disorder affecting multiple systems in your body. It can last months and result in symptoms such as dizziness or headache. Post-concussion syndrome […]

Concussion Recovery: Average Times & How to Speed It Up

Concussion recovery is the process of healing after a head injury. Most symptoms of concussion go away within 7-10 days. Most people recover from a concussion in about a month, but there are factors that can speed it up or slow it down. For instance, one way to improve concussion symptoms is chiropractic care. One […]

Cervical Instability: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatments

Cervical instability is a medical condition in which loose ligaments in your upper cervical spine may lead to neuronal damage and a large list of adverse symptoms. If you have cervical instability, you may be experiencing migraines, vertigo, or nausea. Fortunately, this condition is treatable, though not curable. Let’s talk about the symptoms, causes, treatments, […]

Occipital Neuralgia: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, Prognosis

What is occipital neuralgia? Occipital neuralgia is a chronic pain disorder often grouped with headache disorders. This rare condition describes when headache pain starts at the top of your spine and spreads throughout your scalp. The head and neck pain is intense but brief. This headache disorder feels like an electric shock or intense migraine, […]

Chiropractic Adjustments: Procedure, Benefits & Side Effects

Chiropractic adjustments are sessions of spinal manipulation administered by a doctor of chiropractic. These adjustments are used for chronic pain relief and treating other medical conditions by correcting spinal misalignments. What is a chiropractor? A chiropractor is a highly qualified health professional who has earned his/her Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree. Chiropractors adjust the patient’s […]

Thunderclap Headaches: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Thunderclap headaches are sudden onset severe headache pain which may happen for no apparent reason. Their name comes from the way this headache begins — unexpectedly, intense, and strong, like a clap of thunder. A common trigger of thunderclap headaches is a stroke or aneurysm, so it is imperative to see your doctor right away […]

Spinal Headache: Causes, Prevention, Treatment & Complications

A spinal headache is not a normal headache. It is triggered when fluid leaks from your spine, messes up the fluid pressure around your brain, and stretches the nerves of your brain, causing head pain.  There are some predictable risk factors for getting this type of headache. For instance, spinal headaches occur in a third […]

What Causes Body Aches? Remedies & Red Flags

Whether we sit around all day, or we work our fingers to the bone, our bodies ache. Especially when a global pandemic forces most of us to spend hours and hours sitting around the house, it is important to understand how body aches are triggered and how to remedy them. Body aches are when parts […]

New Daily Persistent Headache: Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

If you have had daily head pain for a few months, you might have a distinct type of primary headache: new daily persistent headache. Sometimes confused with chronic headache disorders, new daily persistent headache (NDPH) is unique in one way: NDPH sufferers have no prior history of a chronic headache syndrome before developing this long […]

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Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Patient Reviews Say It All

Click here to view our glowing patient testimonials. Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic delivers results when conventional doctors say it’s impossible.


Based on 139 reviews.

Dr.Ty Carzoli is extremely professional, punctual and informative. The office is clean and organized. My treatments from him have allowed me to think towards the future, not just day to day. Overall, a great experience!

Leslie Goodman

I absolutely LOVE going to Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Dr. Ty knows his stuff and I've never felt better. His style of chiropractic care has improved my sleeping, mood, and fitness capacity. Plus, they are really great at making me feel appreciated. See super sweet picture from my birthday. I would HIGHLY recommend giving them a try, but only if you really want to improve how you feel.

Carla Streff

Overall, I didn’t necessarily feel that I had any particular issues other than a prior shoulder injury that slightly bothered me when I exercised with a heavy set of weights. I felt fairly energetic due to the typical routine of exercise and eating a well balanced healthy diet. The idea for my treatment was to be more proactive about my long term health and ensure that I was in proper alignment.
After my initial consultation, I found out my body was out of alignment more than I felt. I did not feel much different after the first few adjustments; however, what I did not realize until a few weeks in is that I had been waking up prior to treatment with kind of a groggy kind of feeling. After years of waking up like this I assumed this was just the norm. I now have been waking up with little fatigue and grogginess (even with a 10 month old baby) and a new burst of revitalization even if I did not get a full 8 hours of sleep. The feeling of being excited the day before a trip has been occurring on the standard day getting up for work. My workouts have also seen an improvement with the new improved energy levels as well as the standard weight I typically lift went up with little efforts.
Dr. Ty is extremely knowledgeable about what he does and would not think about using anyone else for my care. I love walking into the awesome environment that Dr. Ty has established and the overall care that comes from the visits. Dr. Ty and his fantastic staff has an amazing energy that I very much look forward to when visiting the office!
Even if you think that you have a good alignment, you should be sure to visit Dr. Ty for a great proactive health care plan!

Derek Greer


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